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Shoes & Such – Flagstaff, AZ

30 Aug

Shoes & Such was another boutique find of the day! This boutique is located around the corner from Rainbow’s End. At first I thought it was just a shoe store from the name, but inside was a beautiful collection of women’s clothing and shoes. I immediately wanted almost everything in the store.

Right when I walked in my eye caught the colorful cami’s on the front table. They were all buy 2 for $16, so of course I couldn’t help but pick out 2. It was then when I was greeted by the very friendly staff. The girl I spoke with was young and super sweet. She was very helpful and made my shopping experience enjoyable.

I felt like this store was quite small, but there was so much to shop around the room. There was another table in the front of the room that caught my eye with cowgirl boots, UGG’s, and fall sweaters. They had a huge selection of UGG boots for the fall. The merchandise was all uniquely displayed in the whole boutique. I loved it all.. even the photos hanging on the wall. When I asked about them, the sales girl told me that the boutique owner is good friends with a local photographer, which is where all the photos are from. Shoes & Such is a boutique I’d definitely travel back to. See more pics on our Flickr page!

17 East Aspen Ave.

Flagstaff, AZ 86001


Boutiques and Geeks Holiday Gift Guide 2010

2 Dec

Diesel Slown Shirt
70 GBP –

Three Robots Decorative Wall Sticker
$45 –

Pack of 12 baubles
4.50 GBP –

pac-man iPad decals

Hello world!

30 Jul

We’re preparing for our summer road trip down south.. leaving one week from today! On our travels we will be stopping at all the boutiques and comic shops we pass along the way. We’ll be taking lots of pics and blogging about our adventures here. Check back very soon for updates!!

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