About Us

Nicole and Will are a couple who live together with their cat Beans, in center square, Albany, NY. Will loves comics, playing his guitar, and tattoos. Nicole loves fashion, taking photos, and anything vintage. Together they enjoy cooking, eating out, traveling, shopping, antiquing, listening to records, netflix, taking photos, and weekend excursions looking for new boutiques, antiques, comics, and cool shops in upstate NY. Will works at a comic shop on his days, and bartends at night. Nicole works at a tech company doing marketing and event planning on her days, and blogs at night.

About Boutiques & Geeks 

We created this site for people out there who enjoy fashion and pop culture like we do! We are trying to create a place where you can come see all different kinds of shops and trends you may not have known about. We love traveling and shopping, so this site just made sense! This fall we hope to take lots of weekend excursions looking for new boutiques, antiques, comics, and geeky shops in the Northeast. If you have a recommendation of any stores we should check out, please let us know! Check back soon for updates.

~Will & Nicole


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