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Here’s some Marvel titles to check out this week!

17 Nov

Ultimate X-Men #3
(W) Nick Spencer
(p) Paco Madina
(I) Juan Vlasco

Fear Itself #7.3: Iron Man
(W) Matt Fraction
(A) Sal Larroca

Captain America #4
(W) Ed Brubaker
(P) Steve McNiven
(I) Jay Leisten

Avengers #19
(W) Brian Bendis
(A) Daniel Acuna

Incredible Hulk #2
(W) Jason Aaron
(p) Marc Silvestri


A few DC titles to check out this week!

17 Nov

Well HELLO! It has been a while since we’ve posted.. but we are back! And this time we’re going to do our best to keep you updated weekly with lots of boutique and comic goods.

Comic picks of the week is going to be posted every wednesday from now on.. so stay tuned for those weekly posts. This week there are a bunch of favorites.. here’s just a few of my DC picks of the week:

Supergirl #3
(W) Michael Green & Mike Johnson
(A) Mahmud Asrar & Bill Reinhold

Red hood & the outlaws #3
(W) Scott Lobdell
(A) Kenneth Rockafort

Catwoman #3
(W) Judd Winick
(A) Guillem March

Batman #3
(w) Scott Snyder
(p) Greg Capullo
(I) Jonathan Glapion

Justice League #3
(W) Geoff Johns
(P) Jim Lee
(I) Scott Williams