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Eden Boutique – New Paltz, NY

9 Jan

Eden Boutique is a unique find! Located in New Paltz, NY, off the Main Street in the Water Street Market. It’s a small boutique full of beautiful clothing and unique jewelry. The presentation of all the clothing and jewelry is so nice throughout the store. Made it easy and fun to shop.

The inside of Eden had a very spiritual and peaceful decor and atmosphere. There were buddhas, stones, plants, feathers, everything to make you feel calm and tranquil. A lot of the merchandise is displayed on wooden dressers or trunks. Even the business cards were made in fortune cookies!

After speaking with sales girl, (who was great – very helpful!) she told me that the jewelry is all handmade by the owner of the boutique, Maureen Smith. Maureen was on lunch break at the time, but I came back later to meet her. Maureen works from her shop, making all her jewelry by hand. She has a little working space set up in the front. All of her jewelry is available for wholesale. All of the prices in the store seemed affordable and the service was wonderful. I plan to stop in again next time I’m visiting or driving through New Paltz! See more pics of the inside of Eden Boutique on our Flickr page.

10 Main St.

New Paltz, NY


Bella Boutique – Philadelphia, PA

8 Jan

Bella Boutique is a vintage and consignment shop located on 4th Street between South and Lombard. When I first walked in, I was so overwhelmed with the amount of vintage designer handbags and jewerly there was, that I could bearly make it past the front room.

When I did walk into the second room, I was even more overwhelmed with the amount of shoes and just racks of clothes in general this store had in it. I’ve been to many consignment shops, but this one was so organized by type of merchandise and colors. There was a huge rack of womens black leather jackets and an amazing rack of vintage furs! Lots of affordable vintage evening wear, and racks of shirts and jeans. There was a small rack of mens clothing in the back of the store that Will enjoyed looking at while I was busy trying on all the shoes and vintage furs.

Of course on my way out, my eye caught an old vintage Gucci strap handbag and I had to ask to look at, it was in the display case right by the register. I tried it on, and with an great offer at a discounted price, it had to be mine! This store will always be remembered for a great collection of vintage clothes, shoes, and designer handbags. Seems like this is the type of store you’d shop in to find a vintage hidden gem! See more photos on our Flickr page!

Bella Boutique

527 S 4th St

Philadelphia, PA 19147

(215) 923-8174