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Comic Pick of the Week – Invincible # 75

6 Nov

Invincible # 75

For me nothing beats a good space epic, I mean I really love them! I remember being a kid and just waiting for the next issue of Silver Surfer or Green Lantern to come out, because you never knew what you were in store for. Invincible 75 fits that bill perfectly.

Reading this issue brought me right back to being 12 years old, laying on my living room floor, in complete anticipation of what would be waiting for me with the turn of each page. Robert Kirkman and company have been building up to this Vultrumite War arc for quite sometime, and it’s no disappointment. If you’ve been following Invincible, you’re already familiar with the intense and often graphic action that has become synonymous with this title (if you’re not, get off your butt and go grab a copy!), this issue is no exception. Taking place in the far reaches of space, we join Mark (Invincible) and his small crew of heroes on their way to confront the last remnants of the Vultrumite empire, once a vast world conquering race, now reduced to a couple handfuls of soldiers. The problem is every one of the Vultrumites is as strong, if not stronger than Invincible himself. When the two opposing forces meet, the ensuing battle explodes, leaving casualties on both sides.

Visually the book is amazing! Ryan Ottley, with assistance from on again off again inker Cliff Rathburn and colorist FCO Plascencia, blow it out of the water! Every page looks like these guys put their all into it. Throwing in no less than three double page spreads, they make it feel as though you’re part of the action, something that has been a hallmark of this book since the beginning.

Even though the story takes place in the middle of the war, Kirkman does a great job of bringing you up to speed, making this issue easily accessible to new readers. So no excuses, go to the comic shop and treat yourself to one of the best ongoing titles on the rack today!


Atomic City Comics – Philadelphia, PA

2 Nov
On our trip back up the east coast, Nik and I took an impromptu detour through Philly to soke up some local hospitality, by doing a little shopping, and enjoying some must have Philly cheese steaks. Our first stop was South street, known for its boutiques and eateries. We went to stop in at Showcase Comics, and found out they evolved into Atomic City Comics and had moved a few doors down. Cool, a new store.
Walking in the shop we were greeted by a couple of the employees, which I feel is something neglected in a lot of shops, immediately giving it a nice neighborhood feel. The first thing I noticed was a wall of manga, definitely the most of any shop we’ve been in thus far. Right next to the “wall of manga” was the first of a few different arcade games for customers to play, another cool, inviting element of the shop. This place utilizes every square inch they have. No matter where you turn your head you’ll be looking at something, be it comics, statues, posters, plush dolls, belt buckles, or even a selection of masks. Their current comic selection was more than ample, comprised of everything from pop culture icons like Spiderman to lesser known titles such as Rasl. Similarly their graphic novel selection was extensive, and had something for everyone. I took special notice of their large inventory of omnibi, essentials, and showcase books. There’s a small room in the back for back issues and adult books. They also have a wide array of t-shirts, which I’m a glutton for.

The bottom line is, I really enjoyed Atomic City Comics. They have a great selection of comics and merchandise, coupled with a nice friendly shopping environment.It’s the kind of place that makes you happy to be part of the comic book community. Check Flickr for more photos!


Atomic City Comics

640 South Street

Philadelphia, PA