Nectar – Baltimore, MD

13 Oct

Nectar is a women’s clothing and home goods boutique in Fells Point, Baltimore. The boutique had a very welcoming feel with hardwood floors, bright lights, and small displays which made it easy to shop. The fitting rooms were located in the back room of the store which were gorgeous with gold drapery and chandeliers.

The boutique seemed to have a large array of independent designers. There was a pretty large summer sale section when I was there, and they were just beginning to get in their fall collection. The woman behind the counter was not the owner of the boutique but did mention that the owner, Christine Short does come in her boutique often.

The boutique also had a small selection of baby onsies and hats that were adorable! When I went on their website I saw there was large selection of childrens clothing including: hats, onesies, and flip flops. So cute!! This boutique in Baltimore is quite small, but it looks like there is a lot more to shop on their website. Check out Nectar’s boutique online at


1628 Thames Street

Baltimore, MD 21231


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