Palmetto Studios – Myrtle Beach, SC

17 Sep

I’m glad we chose Corsair Comics to go to while in S.C., because you actually have to walk through Palmetto Studios to get to it. This place was a great mix of  art deco furniture, modern art, pop culture collectables, and lots of local artists work. After talking with the sales guy, he mentioned that Palmetto Studios is also an architectural group that has offices above the retail store. I guess they do a lot concept art design projects for the community, and even design luxury Myrtle Beach Condos which look pretty sweet!

When we walked in I immediately fell in love with this fabulous bright orange couch! I wanted everything in the store to decorate my apartment with. Modern furniture is so simple yet so tasteful. The store was broken up into sections, by various shelves, and pieces of furniture. Around every corner there was something new to look at or sit on, definitely no lack of sensory stimulation. We couldn’t pass up this sweet metal wind up space robot for $15.00 to add to our toy collection.

When I walked in the back, the cutest section of them all was found – the baby room! Such a cute and random mix of baby toys and furniture! Walking into Palmetto Studios was a neat little surprise, we ended up finding a unique and very different type of store.. loved it! To learn more about the Palmetto Studios Company check out their website at and for more pics of Palmetto Studios, check out our Flickr page at

Palmetto Studios

807 Main Street

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


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