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Trixies Palace – Baltimore, MD

30 Sep

Trixies Palace is a cute little boutique that was located right next to Graphic Novelty (posted below by Will). This boutique was adorable and full of bright colors, vintage inspired clothing, cutesy girly gifts and accessories. The store really seemed to celebrate being a girl!

The girl working was super sweet and friendly. She talked with me for a bit while Will was shopping in the Comic store next door. The store was pretty small but was full of a ton of awesome accessories.I spotted some Hello Kitty merchandise on the shelves, and really liked some of the bags and shoes on display. I guess a lot of items in the store are brought back from the owners travels overseas which makes them all the more unique. Even the fitting room was so cute with doves decorating the wall!

Trixie’s Palace seems to offer reasonable prices. I really wanted to buy something but I had just spent all my extra money on the leather jacket in Cupcake, so I had to hold off. Although.. I couldn’t resist trying on a pair of the rhinestone and studded sunglasses displayed on the way out the door and they were only $10! I will definitely be checking out their website around the holidays for cute gift ideas for my girlfriends.

Trixies Palace

1704 Thames St

Baltimore, MD 21231


Graphic Novelty – Baltimore, MD

28 Sep

While Nik and I were in Baltimore we only had a couple of hours to kill, so we headed to south Broadway in the trendy Fells point neighborhood. This is a perfect example of the spots we look for when we’re on the road, cute little parts of town we can both get into, with taverns, boutiques, and yes…comic books. We had a nice breakfast at Jimmy’s, then we found cupcake boutique (check out Nik’s post). Graphic Novelty was conveniently located right around the corner.

Graphic Novelty is a newer shop (just under two years old), right away walking in you notice how modern the store looks. All the fixtures were custom-made for the store, and they look great! It’s a small space, but they do a good job utilizing what little room they have to work with, there’s something to be seen in every nook and cranny. Due to the limited room they don’t carry back issues, but they have a great selection of current books, both mainstream, and independent to choose from, as well as a nice size selection of graphic novels and manga. As I said earlier, the store is packed with novelty items like gag gifts, small Japanese model kits, and toys. I was also glad to see they had a pretty robust selection of t-shirts (I have what you might call a sickness when it comes to t-shirts). At the back of the store was a small room used for R.P.G.’s, which they host games in regularly. I also thought it was cool that they were playing Iron Man on a big screen tv, it just kinda added to the ambiance.

I think it’s great to see new comic shops thriving in today’s shaky economy. Graphic Novelty is a perfect example of what a small neighborhood comic shop should be, So don’t forget to stop by and show them some love if you find yourself in the Baltimore area.

Graphic Novelty

1712 Thames St.

Baltimore, MD 21231

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Cupcake – Baltimore, MD

20 Sep

On our way back home from Myrtle Beach, Will and I stopped in Baltimore and spent the night. We woke up in Fells Point, and walked to South Broadway, a cute little section of town on the water with a bunch of shops and eateries. That’s where we found Cupcake Boutique, which was voted “best boutique” by Baltimore magazine.

Cupcake is a high end women’s fashion boutique, with vendors and styles that are usually found in NYC and L.A. boutiques. They had labels like Nicole Miller, BCBG, J Brand Jeans, 525 America, and Laundry.  I feel like if I lived in Baltimore, Cupcake would be a boutique that I’d go to find an outfit for a special date or an event dress. The store was very easy to shop, it had a nice open feel, and very modern industrial look to it.

Right when I walked in, I couldn’t take my eyes off the manikin on the right with the military green colored leather zip up jacket (photo below).  I immediately asked to try it on and fell in love. The jacket fit perfect, the sales associate Mary Jo was so helpful and friendly. She said that the jacket, designed by Laundry by Shelli Segal just came in earlier that week for their fall collection. The jacket only came in one size run, and the medium was already sold in that first week. That was the selling point right there for me, had to have it! I walked out of Cupcake with a gorgeous new fall leather jacket, that I’m so happy with. My next trip down south will definitely include a stop at Cupcake to check out their latest fashion. Also be sure to check out Cupcake’s blog, where they post new designs and collections that come in.


813 South Broadway

Baltimore, MD 21231

Comic Pick of the Week – Thor: For Asgard

18 Sep

Thor: For Asgard

I don’t know about you, but when I read a Thor book I want it to be
filled with insane battle scenes, and mythology worthy of the god of
thunder. Thor: for Asgard delivers these in spades.

The story is set in a time when Odin has been gone on a journey for
over two years, leaving the duty of watching over Asgard to his son,
the mighty Thor. Things have not been going well during Thor’s tenure
as ruler.  First you have a seemingly endless winter that has planted
itself firmly in Asgard for the last two years, as well as uprisings
from both in and outside the kingdom, not to mention the fact that due
to this permanent winter the apples which grant eternal life and
youthfulness to the gods have been stifled and no longer continue to
grow, threatening the very existence of the Asgardians. As this
seemingly endless  myriad of misfortune continues, Thor can’t help but
wonder if it’s not just coincidence.

The story is perfectly voiced by Robert Rodi (Codename: Knockout), who
is no stranger to Asgard, having penned Loki, a four issue mini in
2004. You can tell he has a passion for these characters.

Simone Bianchi (Astonishing X-Men, Wolverine) handles the art chores,
and all I have to say is holy s&@t! I’m pretty sure they could have
searched for years, and never found an artist more suited to bring
this story to life!

All in all, this comic has everything you could want in a Thor book.
If you’re looking for a serious fix of  Asgardian goodness, you
definitely want to pick this gem up!

Palmetto Studios – Myrtle Beach, SC

17 Sep

I’m glad we chose Corsair Comics to go to while in S.C., because you actually have to walk through Palmetto Studios to get to it. This place was a great mix of  art deco furniture, modern art, pop culture collectables, and lots of local artists work. After talking with the sales guy, he mentioned that Palmetto Studios is also an architectural group that has offices above the retail store. I guess they do a lot concept art design projects for the community, and even design luxury Myrtle Beach Condos which look pretty sweet!

When we walked in I immediately fell in love with this fabulous bright orange couch! I wanted everything in the store to decorate my apartment with. Modern furniture is so simple yet so tasteful. The store was broken up into sections, by various shelves, and pieces of furniture. Around every corner there was something new to look at or sit on, definitely no lack of sensory stimulation. We couldn’t pass up this sweet metal wind up space robot for $15.00 to add to our toy collection.

When I walked in the back, the cutest section of them all was found – the baby room! Such a cute and random mix of baby toys and furniture! Walking into Palmetto Studios was a neat little surprise, we ended up finding a unique and very different type of store.. loved it! To learn more about the Palmetto Studios Company check out their website at and for more pics of Palmetto Studios, check out our Flickr page at

Palmetto Studios

807 Main Street

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Corsair Comics – Myrtle Beach, SC

14 Sep

Corsair Comics, which is actually connected to Palmetto studios (a local art deco/furniture store) , is a small and to the point comic shop. Located on a block which is home to few store fronts, you could easily miss this place if you don’t know where you’re going. If you do happen to be near though, you really should stop in, they’ve got some pretty cool stuff.

I’m gonna say that Corsair is a meat and potatoes shop, in that they don’t boast a huge selection of back issues, or a terribly large collection of graphic novels, however if you’re looking to stay current, chances are they’ve got what you’re looking for. I thought that it was cool that the few toys they had were a bit older. The store seemed to be pretty active in the gaming community, Warhammer in particular. A good portion of the space in the store was set aside with tables, decorated with landscapes, for gamers to come and have matches. Corsair also had their hand in the developement of a local comic con (Xcon World), which takes place October 22nd – 24th.

Corsair is actually under the umbrella of the Palmetto group, their main store being Palmetto studios, a pretty cool little art store helping to support local artists. Check back for more on Palmetto studios a bit later.

Corsair Comics

807 Main Street

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Comic Pick of the Week – Superman: The Last Family of Krypton

8 Sep

Superman: The Last Family of Krypton

I have to say, it’s really nice to see DC telling a new elseworlds story. This used to be the corner of the DC universe where writers could take our favorite characters and turn them on their ears, and I think Superman: the last family of krypton fits in perfectly with classic elseworlds tales like Gotham by Gaslight, Superman: Red Sun, and JSA: the Liberty Files, to name a few.

Carey Bates (his work can be found in such titles as Flash, Superman, Captain Atom) scripts a very imaginative retelling of the superman mythos, this time having not just Kal-El escape the destruction of Krypton, but his parents Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van as well.

In the art department you have Renato Arlem (Hawkgirl), who looks to me like a perfect cross of Howard Chaykin and Alex Maleeve, however that doesn’t mean that his style isn’t his own. Every page looks well thought out, and beautifully illustrated, and colorist Allen Passalaqua lends a nice touch to Arlems work.

So far this book has been a great read! You have Superman’s usual supporting cast of ma and pa Kent, Lana Lang, Lois and Jimmy, and of course, Lex Luthor.  The addition of Clarks biological parents, as well as a couple of surprise characters is what really pushes the story forward for me though. I’m really lovin what Bates has done with this idea, he’s given us a real feel of what kind of impact it would have on us as a planet, if this small family of other-worlders, with their supremely advanced intelligence and technology, decided to adopt our planet as their new home world. There’s plenty of clever twists, such as Lara’s timely intervention of a mugging on a fateful movie night for a certain little boy from Gotham city. Just one of the many little tweaks reminding us, that even though things may seem familiar, anything can happen.

So if you’re at your local comic shop, and you’re itchin to try something new, pick up Superman: the Last Family of Krypton. It won’t disappoint.