Stories Comics – Richmond, VA

27 Aug

If you’re familiar with the movie “The Never Ending Story” you know the scene when Bastion runs into Mr. Koreanders book store to escape a beating from some local bullies. When he realizes where he is, he’s astounded by the sheer volume of books surrounding him. After walking into Stories, I’m pretty sure I know exactly how he felt. To say that this store has a healthy inventory just doesn’t do it justice.

Stories actually has two locations, the flagship store on Richmond’s south side, And Stories II in the west end. Nicole and I went to the numberless Stories. The staff was very helpful in navigating what seemed like an endless maze of comic boxes. I had a good conversation with an employee named Quinton about comics and the store in general, he informed me that Stories has been in business for over 30 years! They’ve kept up their longevity by having an outstanding selection of back issues (over a million in stock), as well as current issues (with many variants), a comprehensive stock of graphic novels, and very large selection of toys and statues, not to mention a side room dedicated just to books. They also have a pretty active trade in policy.

If you’re the kind of fanboy (or girl) who just loves thumbing through box upon box of comics, this place is a goldmine! I wish I had a couple of days to just riffle through their back stock, but with the short time we had I snagged an Uncanny X-Men #106 and 257 for a more than reasonable price. So if you’re in or around the Richmond area, and have a little time, stop into Stories.. I’m pretty confident you’ll have a good time.

For more pics click here!

5067 Forest Hill Avenue

Richmond, VA


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