Du Jardin – Fredricksburg, VA

22 Aug

Du Jardinis a boutique full of fine gifts for home and garden, and personal accessories found only in Fredricksburg, VA. The boutique owner Regina Eisenhower was not in the store, but Erica the sales associate was very attentive and friendly. The store was mainly outdoor furniture, home decor, soaps, and jewelry. There was a few racks of women’s clothing located on the first floor, but not a large selection. The interior design of the store was beautifully done. I felt like it was a boutique you’d find in Paris!

The main entrance of the store had a gorgeous large statue  of a little girl with a watering can in her hands. The entrance to the first floor brought you into a room with a fireplace, beautiful hardwood table, and a unique collage of paintings, displayed on the wall. My favorite table on the first floor was close to the register full of rings designed by Halia. (Will surprised me later with a dainty gold pearl ring he bought off that table) It’s so cute!

The entrance to the second floor was all exposed brick and the stairs down were very steep.  There was not much merchandise downstairs but whatever there was had a unique display. Both upstairs and downstairs had a very European feel to it. The whole store was beautiful to walk through and shop. It’s the perfect boutique to find a gift for your lady friend. To see more photos of Du Jardin, check out our Flickr page here.

703 Caroline Street

Fredricksburg, VA 22401



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