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izzi~b – Myrtle Beach, SC

29 Aug

This chic women’s boutique, izzi~b just opened up two years ago in the new Market Commons in Myrtle Beach. Right after opening, the store won 2009’s best women’s boutique in the Grand Strand! This store is very modern and simple, all the brands were more on the high-end side. Some brands that stood out to me were James Perse, J Brand, La Rok, and Joie.

The boutique was beautiful and had a nice open feel to it. They have a small concise collection of clothing that is up to date on current trends and styles. I noticed on their website they have a style watch press page you can look at to view new trends in current magazines. Their website is also available to shop online If you’re ever in the Myrtle Beach area, this boutique is definitely one of the best. Worth a visit, and the Market Common is all new – full of great resturants and many stores to shop.

The Market Common

4001 Howard Avenue

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


Friday Fun Post! Disney Love

28 Aug

Mickey and Minnie kiss

Animation made by: Will & Nicole

Stories Comics – Richmond, VA

27 Aug

If you’re familiar with the movie “The Never Ending Story” you know the scene when Bastion runs into Mr. Koreanders book store to escape a beating from some local bullies. When he realizes where he is, he’s astounded by the sheer volume of books surrounding him. After walking into Stories, I’m pretty sure I know exactly how he felt. To say that this store has a healthy inventory just doesn’t do it justice.

Stories actually has two locations, the flagship store on Richmond’s south side, And Stories II in the west end. Nicole and I went to the numberless Stories. The staff was very helpful in navigating what seemed like an endless maze of comic boxes. I had a good conversation with an employee named Quinton about comics and the store in general, he informed me that Stories has been in business for over 30 years! They’ve kept up their longevity by having an outstanding selection of back issues (over a million in stock), as well as current issues (with many variants), a comprehensive stock of graphic novels, and very large selection of toys and statues, not to mention a side room dedicated just to books. They also have a pretty active trade in policy.

If you’re the kind of fanboy (or girl) who just loves thumbing through box upon box of comics, this place is a goldmine! I wish I had a couple of days to just riffle through their back stock, but with the short time we had I snagged an Uncanny X-Men #106 and 257 for a more than reasonable price. So if you’re in or around the Richmond area, and have a little time, stop into Stories.. I’m pretty confident you’ll have a good time.

For more pics click here!

5067 Forest Hill Avenue

Richmond, VA

Du Jardin – Fredricksburg, VA

22 Aug

Du Jardinis a boutique full of fine gifts for home and garden, and personal accessories found only in Fredricksburg, VA. The boutique owner Regina Eisenhower was not in the store, but Erica the sales associate was very attentive and friendly. The store was mainly outdoor furniture, home decor, soaps, and jewelry. There was a few racks of women’s clothing located on the first floor, but not a large selection. The interior design of the store was beautifully done. I felt like it was a boutique you’d find in Paris!

The main entrance of the store had a gorgeous large statue  of a little girl with a watering can in her hands. The entrance to the first floor brought you into a room with a fireplace, beautiful hardwood table, and a unique collage of paintings, displayed on the wall. My favorite table on the first floor was close to the register full of rings designed by Halia. (Will surprised me later with a dainty gold pearl ring he bought off that table) It’s so cute!

The entrance to the second floor was all exposed brick and the stairs down were very steep.  There was not much merchandise downstairs but whatever there was had a unique display. Both upstairs and downstairs had a very European feel to it. The whole store was beautiful to walk through and shop. It’s the perfect boutique to find a gift for your lady friend. To see more photos of Du Jardin, check out our Flickr page here.

703 Caroline Street

Fredricksburg, VA 22401

Old Town Comics and Toys – Fredricksburg, VA

21 Aug

Old Town Comics & Toys is located in historical downtown Fredricksburg, VA. It was hard to find, because we were looking for a store front on the main street – Caroline St., but the store ended up being around the corner, under a cute little candy shop, whose store front was on Caroline st. When we walked in, we were greeted by the store owner. He was very friendly, and said that he’s had the shop for many years.

The inside of the store wasn’t quite like a traditional comic shop, but more like an avid collectors basement. There were lots of boxes crammed into a small space, as well as a pretty good collection of vintage and new toys. Everything was surprisingly organized considering the space given to work with.

After a brief conversation we came to find out this was due to the fact that his business was mostly mail order, and that just this week he had sold a couple of copies of Incredible Hulk #181 (the first appearance of Wolverine for those not in the know), as well as an Amazing Spiderman #1. Not to shabby! See Flickr for more pics.

419 Sophia Street

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

(540) 899-2669

Madeline Ruth – Fredricksburg, VA

20 Aug

Madeline Ruth was the first shop we went into when we entered downtown Fredricksburg. It’s located on the top of Caroline Street. The building was so cute painted blue and the door was lime green. madeline ruth is a womens consignment shop full of clothes, shoes, and handbags. The store was quite small but fit a lot merchandise. The shoe selection was my favorite part of the store, located in the back room by the dressing rooms. All the prices were very affordable!

The whole store had very nice displays, vintage decor, and was easy to shop. The only thing that wasn’t consignment in the store was the jewerly. They have their own branded earrings which were very cute! The sales girl there was very sweet and friendly. I guess their inventory is always changing and they always try to have something for everyone, embracing many different current styles. madeline ruth will be opening an online shop very soon! You can find out more info and check out more pics of the store on their website at

610 Caroline St.

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Monkee’s Boutique – Fredricksburg, VA

16 Aug

Monkee’s Boutique is located on Caroline Street  in historical downtown Fredricksburg. The store is fairly new, established in 2008, but the store is a part of many other Monkee stores all over North Carolina and Virgina. They also have an online shop at

The boutique outside was very simple, with a black and white stripped store front, however, the inside was anything but! It was a very inviting and friendly atomosphere. There were chandeliers with cute little stuffed monkey’s hanging from them. The shoe collection was huge, displayed on the left side when you walk in. The boutique was full of high-end designers including: Tory Burch, Diane von Furstenburg, Juicy Couture, Milly, Marc Jacobs, Kate Spade, etc. The collection of accessories was abundant, I was quite overwhelmed! At first glace, I fell in love with a Marc Jacobs watch and Kenneth Jay Lane gold chain necklace. All the accessories were displayed in shevling and tables throughout the whole store. There were 2 sales ladies in the store, both very friendly and busy helping customers. At the register I saw the shopping bags, which were adorable along with cute labeled tissue paper.

There was a small section of formal wear in the front of the store on the right (photo below). The gold dress on the left was my favorite! It was a small shop, but full of a lot of great designs and contemporary fashion! A girl can literally get dressed from head to toe at Monkee’s of Fredericksburg. I wouldn’t mind passing through another Monkee’s boutique along our travels down south!

827 Caroline St.
Fredericksburg, VA